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How do I add a purchase order number?
How do I add a purchase order number?
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

In order to invoice some services, a purchase order number (PON) is required. The PON is added to an appointment.

You can also add a PON to a claim, making it easy to set that PON to any appointment where the claim with the PON is set.

When editing a claim, you can add the PON towards the bottom of the claim form.


If a claim has PON associated with it, when that claim is set to an appointment, the claim number will have a yellow # symbol to the left of the set claim. Clicking the # symbol will set the PON to the appointment.


Once the PON is set to the appointment, the # symbol will become green and move to the right of the appointment date/time


Note: The PON needs to be set to the appointment, not just the claim.

You can also click the green plus button to view or set the PON. Clicking the Set PON button will set the PON to the appointment.


The calendar view will also show the Set PON button


If you need to add a PON number as a one off for an appointment, click the green plus button and add the PON in using the Edit symbol.


Once a PON is set to an appointment it will be included when that appointment is invoiced to ACC.

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