Appointments Paid

The best place to check which appointments have been paid

Written by Richard Clarke
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Head to Reports then Appointments Paid.


The Appointments Paid report shows the amount paid and a payment reference for appointments within the selected date range. The payment reference is a link that will take you to the full details of the ACC payment. The report will also include Accredited Employer invoices that have been paid.

If you need to remove ACC payment details for any reason, click the Remove Payment button.

This report will not show payments for historical appointments. If you wish to run the reconciliation process for any historical appointments, select the date range using the calendar or the date range picker, then click the Check Payments button. It will take a while to reconcile payments especially if you have many practitioners and many invoices. It it best to start with smaller date ranges like a week or a month.


You can tell the status of an invoice from Appointments page as well. The invoice number will show the status of the invoice - green is paid, yellow is not paid, grey is ignored. Clicking on the invoice number will open a pop-up view of the full ACC invoice - you can filter to the appointment's claim and also check the payment of the invoice. The status for historical appointments will only show after you have run Check Payments for the invoice. You can choose to ignore an appointment's non-payment - click the green plus on an invoiced appointment to view this option. You can filter the appointments to Un-invoiced, Not paid and Paid - the filter is above the appointments table on the right.

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