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Practitioner Invoices

Calculate your practitioners full ACC and non ACC payments for a selected date range

Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Head to Reports, under Practitioner Invoices, select a practitioner, then click Go to Practitioner Invoice.


Practitioner invoices can also be accessed via the Appointments Paid page, by clicking on the invoice symbol next to a practitioner in the right sidebar.


Important: Practitioner invoices are based off ACC payments being copied back to appointments, so you should check the ACC Appointments Not Paid report firstly and run the Check Payments where needed

Practitioner Invoices create invoices that contain:

  1. ACC payments for a practitioner that are broken into amount and quantity.

  2. All Cliniko closed payments for a practitioner, this will include: ACC surcharge payments, private patient charges, product sales.

To generate the report for a practitioner:

  1. Choose the practitioner in the right side bar

  2. Select a date range.

    • Choose day, week, or month and click on the calendar in the right side bar

    • or the set a custom date range from the date picker in the header.

  3. Select the date type you wish to select payments by:

    • Appointment date - will find payments on appointments where the appointment date is within the date range you have selected.

    • Submission date - will find payments where the invoice date is within the date range you have selected.

    • Payment date - will find payments where the payment date is within the date range you have selected.

  4. Click the Generate button to create the report.

You can remove items from the invoice by using the Remove button. This will remove all items where the invoice description line matches the description on the line you have clicked.


You can also add invoice lines from the Unpaid ACC invoices and the Unclosed Cliniko Invoices tables. You can add all the unpaid lines from an invoice by clicking on the Include Invoice as Paid button, or just a particular line from an invoice by clicking on the Include Line as Paid button. You will double up on a payment if you add a line from an invoice then include that whole invoice as well, so use one or the other if there are multiple lines from one invoice.

Note: Adding invoices lines will not affect the status of any payments - it is solely for displaying on the invoice.


To view a PDF of the invoice, click the View PDF button, or send a copy of the invoice to the practice using the Email Invoice. The practitioner will also receive a copy of the email if an email address has been entered for the practitioner.

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