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Practitioner Invoice Settings
Practitioner Invoice Settings

Set up your practitioner invoices

Written by Richard Clarke
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Head to Settings then Practice Settings.

The invoice will be emailed to the email address related to practitioner's vendor accredited invoice details. If you wish the invoice to go to a different email address, you can set this under the Practice Settings.

If you will always be generating invoices based on a particular date type e.g. Appointment Date, select the default type from the Practitioner invoices based on date type drop-down.

To prevent unpaid and unclosed invoice lines from being added to an invoice, tick: Prevent allowing unpaid invoices to be included.

If you don't want Cliniko payments included in the invoice tick: Don't show Cliniko payments.

Remember to save these changes using the save button up the top.


Practitioner Settings

Head to Settings then Practitioners.

If your practitioners get paid a percentage of payments, this can be set by editing the practitioner, and adding in the percentage. This can only be set by the Admin account holder.

If your practitioner is GST registered, their GST number can be entered for displaying on the invoice PDF. GST components of the invoice will be calculated automatically.

If your practitioner is not GST registered, click the Exclude GST tick box. GST amounts will be removed from the invoice. If the vendor and practitioner are both not GST registered, then also tick the Exclude GST tick box.

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