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Multiple ACC Provider/Vendor IDs for one Practitioner
Multiple ACC Provider/Vendor IDs for one Practitioner
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

If a practitioner has multiple ACC provider IDs or vendor IDs, when editing the practitioner tick the Practitioner has more than one Provider ID or Vendor ID tick box. This tick box is under the provider ID. After the practitioner has been edited and saved, the provider ID column will have a plus in the practitioner table, and the provider ID that was entered when editing the practitioner will be set as the default.


Click the green plus button


to add an additional provider Id or link to another vendor.


Set the ACC provider ID, and select the Vendor. Then relate provider/vendor combination to either a business or appointment types.

Relate provider/vendor to a business

You can relate the provider/vendor combination to a business, if you have multiple business. If you relate the provider/vendor to a business, when an appointment is pulled through from Cliniko, all appointments from the selected business will be attributed to the provider/vendor combination.

Related the provider/vendor combination to appointment types

Tick the appointments types the the provider/vendor combination relate to. Eg you might have an additional provider ID for providing acupuncture, and some ACC appointment types.

Default Provider/Vendor combination

if an appointment doesn't relate to a business or appointment type that was added as an additional provider/vendor combination, then the provider Id and vendor will relate to the default vendor combination. The default provider/vendor is what was added to the practitioner when editing the practitioner.

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