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Adding Provider Types and Service Codes
Adding Provider Types and Service Codes
Written by Richard Clarke
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Head to Settings -> Practitioners, then Edit the practitioner you are wanting to add the service codes to.

Practitioners need to work with ACC as a specific provider type and with specific services. This next section involves setting up how the practitioner works with ACC.

  1. First select which provider type the practitioner is eg. Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor etc. from the Provider Type drop-down.

  2. Then select which service you use with ACC from the Service Code drop-down. Tick the 'Include contract codes' tick box, above the 'Service' drop-down to include contract codes

  3. If the service is a contract service and the Contract ID field is enabled, enter your contract ID, the Contract ID field.

  4. Selecting an appointment type is optional and is only needed if the practitioner offers more than one service, and you want the service associated with an appointment type. If you wish to associate the service with multiple appointment types, leave the drop down blank, then add the associated appointment types after adding the service, using the 'Add' button in the service table.

    Associated appointment types: You only need to associate appointment types with services if you have distinct appointment types that relate to a service. For example, if you have an appointment type "Podiatry Treatment - home visit" this could be associated with the POD2 service. It is usually best not to have one appointment type associated with multiple services.

  5. Click the Add Service button and the details will be added to the service table below

  6. Select the Default button, for at least one of the services.

  7. Repeat these steps if the practitioner provides more than one modality or service. You will also need to set one of the services as a default. The default service should be the one that the practitioner most often uses, and will be set automatically against the practitioners appointments

  8. Save your changes

Multiple provider types: If a practitioner can bill ACC under multiple modalities (eg. the practitioner can bill ACC as a Chiropractor and an Accupunturist) or multple services (eg. PHY3 Physiotherapy and PHY7 Physiotherapy Treatment - Post Surgery), these steps will need to be repeated for each modality and service

Chiropractors and X-Rays If have appointment slots in Cliniko for your x-rays, you should add x-ray as a service, and associate the x-ray appointment type with the x-ray service. If you don't have x-ray appointment slots in Cliniko, then you shouldn't add x-ray as a service, you will still be able to bill ACC for x-rays

One service example


Multiple services with multiple appointment types associated


Contractor example


Other services

The service codes CPY, COPY, STPR, 2152 will be automatically added to non-contract practitioners. Contractors will need to add these services in along with their contract number.

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