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Service items are service codes that may not be an appointment, they are additional services or products that you need to bill ACC for. eg. COPY, STPR, 2152, splinting, x-ray, orthotics

Adding service item related to an appointment

Service items may be related to an appointment, ie the item shares the same: practitioner, appointment date, and patient. To add related service items:

Head to Appointments.

  1. Click the


    button to the left of an appointment that the item will relate to, or on the calendar view click on the appointment.

  2. Under 'Service Items', select the service item that wish to add

  3. Click the 'add' button

  4. The service pop-up form will be shown

  5. Add in any other details that are needed eg, Custom amount, Duration or Units

  6. Save the item

Adding non-related service items

If you need to bill ACC for a particular service and the patient does not have an appointment, or you the service code doesn't relate to an appointment.

Head to Appointments.

On the list view click the


button from the table header menu:


On the calendar view click in a free spot on the calendar.

The add service item pop-up form will open.

  1. Select the practitioner

  2. Select provider type

  3. Select the service you are adding

  4. Select the billing method. There may be only one billing method for a service

  5. Select the date for the service. If you opened the pop-up from the calendar a date and time will be auto-populated

  6. Select a time. The time is not used by ACC, only by SubmitKit to place the item within your appointments

  7. If the service has a hourly billing rate, you will also need to select a duration, which will be in minutes. If the billing method is units, enter the number of units

  8. Use the auto-complete to find the patient the service belongs to

  9. Save the item


Editing service items

Appointments that are service items will have a Edit Service button, which will open the pop-up form for editing.

Invoicing service items

These service items are invoiced the same as normal ACC appointments. Before invoicing ACC for a service item you need to set a claim number for the appointment. If you need to you can set a purchase order number. Details on adding a purchase order number are here

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