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Written by Richard Clarke
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Calendar date picker


Go to a specific date

Use the side calendar to go a specific date. Clicking on the calendar will take you to that specific date and search by the specific date range that is selected in the header panel. The selected date range will be highlighted blue and the current date highlighted red.

ACC searches


ACC search options

The side bar for ACC searches have different search options eg. search by claim number or invoice processing status. These options can be viewed by clicking the title of each option.

Appointment options


Filter practitioners - Practitioners can be filtered by using the check boxes next to a practitioners name. You can use the minus and tick to select all practitioners or none.

Re-sync appointments - Will sync your appointments with your practitioner management system. Re-syncing any patient changes needs to be done on the edit patient or edit claim form.

Show non-ACC - This option is only available on the calendar view. Check the box to view non-ACC appointments on the calendar. This feature is handy if you need to change the appointment type of a non-ACC appointment to a ACC one. Non-ACC appointments are shown with a grey colour on the calendar

Select business - If your clinic has more than one business you can filter to just show one business. By default all business will be shown.

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