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ACC Appointments from your Practice Management System Invoices (Alternative set up)
ACC Appointments from your Practice Management System Invoices (Alternative set up)
Written by Richard Clarke
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Instead of SubmitKit showing ACC appointments based off your appointment types, you can have SubmitKit show ACC appointments based off your practice management system invoices.

Note: You should NOT switch to this set up, if you have been happily basing your invoicing off ACC appointment types

When you raise an invoice in your practice management system for an appointment, and that invoice contains a selected billable item, that appointment will be available to invoice to ACC in SubmitKit.

Setting up

First make sure that you have set up your practitioners in SubmitKit. Set up your practitioners

Then head to Settings -> Billable Items, then import the billable items.

Tick the CO PAYMENT column for any billable items that will be related to ACC appointments, then select the SERVICE CODE associated with the item, then save. If there are multiple service codes that you would associate with the billable item leave the service code blank, and the appointment will default to the default service code for that practitioner.


Next head to Settings -> Practice Settings, and tick "Only show ACC appointments that are based off particular Cliniko billable items" and "Sync with Cliniko invoices", then save.


You can also use your invoice numbers from your practice management system as your ACC invoice numbers. This will mean a separate invoice will be created for each appointment when billing ACC, instead of having multiple appointments in one invoice.

Syncing Invoices


The Re-sync apps button, will just resync the appointments with Cliniko. Re-sync apps. & inv. button will resync both appointments and invoices, and will create any service items that relate to billable items. This Re-sync apps. and inv. will take longer to run.

Note: Appointments will only show for invoicing after the invoice has been created in your practice managment system.

If you delete an invoice or remove the ACC billable item, this will make the appointment unavailable to ACC invoicing. Setting the appointment as not attended will also make the appointment unavailable for ACC invoicing.

Get ACC appointments after adding a new practitioner, or for older invoices

If you need to get the ACC appointments for a previous date range or for a new practitioner that you have recently just included, head to Settings -> Update appointments service codes.

Then select the date range you want to include and filter to a particular practitioner (if you are only needing to sync for one practitioner), then click Long Sync of Appointments. This can take a while to run depending on how many invoices it has to process.

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