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Written by Richard Clarke
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Your appointments sync with Cliniko overnight. Appointments from the start of the current week up to two months in advance will be updated to SubmitKit each night. If you make any appointment additions or updates in Cliniko after the overnight sync, and you need to view them in SubmitKit on that day, use the button

Re-sync button is in the right side bar:



Any changes to patients eg. if you change the their date of birth, will not be pulled through on when syncing all the appointments, but they will come through in the overnight syncs or if you use the Resync Appointment button mentioned below

To ensure that invoiced appointments are always accurate, a re-sync is required prior to submitting an invoice to ACC. Appointments will be checked in Cliniko prior to an invoice being sent and the appointment will not be invoiced if it has been updated in Cliniko since the last sync. If straight after resyncing, an appointment still won't submit in an invoice, resync that particular appointment by clicking the green plus button and then the Resync Appointment button. The Resync Appointment button will also update the patient if they have been updated in Cliniko.

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