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Create Service Items from Cliniko Invoices
Create Service Items from Cliniko Invoices
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

If you create Cliniko invoices for items that relate to an ACC service, then you can have SubmitKit automatically create a service item from a billable item in an Cliniko invoice.

Setting up

To set this up you will need to head to Settings -> Practice Settings, and enable Sync with Cliniko Invoices


Then head to Settings -> Cliniko Billable Items. and click on the Import billable items from Cliniko button.

For the billable item/s you want to relate to a service item, tick the CREATE APP column and then select the SERVICE CODE that will relate to that item. Do this for each of the billable items you wish to create service items from and then click Save.


Syncing Invoices

Note: A Cliniko invoice needs to be associated with an appointment in order to create a service item


The Re-sync apps button, will just resync the appointments with Cliniko. Re-sync apps. & inv. button will resync both appointments and invoices, and will create any service items that relate to billable items. This re-sync apps. and inv. will take longer to run, so you might want to mainly just use the Re-sync apps and only run the invoice sync when needed.

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