Submiting ACC Invoices
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Invoicing ACC is done using the appointments page with the list view activated.

  1. Select the date range of appointments. More about navigating appointments

  2. Set a claim to every appointment you will be invoicing for, from the 'CLAIMS' column. Or set multiple claims at once. You can easily see which appointments don't have claims yet by sorting by the 'SET CLAIM' column

  3. Select individual appointments by clicking the checkbox in the first column, or select all appointments with ACC claims by using the first button Select.

  4. The total number of selected appointments will be shown at the bottom of the list view. This may be more than is visible on the screen if the number of appointments is greater than the shown entries, which is controlled by the Show drop-down

  5. Click the Invoice button on the right.

  6. Once submitted, the submitted column will show a checked checkbox with the invoice submission date and the ACC invoice number beside it

Note If you have multiple vendors or multiple provider types within a vendor, the invoice will be split automatically into separate invoices for ACC to process

The invoicing process in brief is:

  1. Set a claims to appointments

  2. Select all appointments

  3. Submit the invoice

Video Guide

Managing invoices

To search for, and view, submitted invoices head to Invoices. Learn more about viewing submitted invoices.

Unsynced Appointments

To ensure that invoiced appointments are always accurate, a re-sync is required prior to submitting an invoice to ACC. If you receive the following message, even after resyncing the appointments.

The invoice you are submitting contains 1 unsynced appointments. Resync, then invoice these appointments. If an appointment is still not invoicing, resync that appointment by clicking the green plus button, then the 'Resync Appointment' button.

You may have to resync that particular appointment individually, by clicking the green plus button and then the Resync Appointment button.

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