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Sync your Patients
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Note: in the overnight sync if you have updated any patient details in your practitice management system these will be updated in SubmitKit as well.

Head to Patients, search for the patient click Edit Patient

or click on a patient's name to get to the patient page, then click Edit Patient

Syncing a patient

If a patient's details are different from that in the practice management system they will be marked in SubmitKit with yellow exclamation marks:


You can either push the changes to your practice management system, or refresh SubmitKit's patient data from your practice management system.

Claim and Edit Patient form buttons


Edit patient page right side bar:


Deleting a patient

If you have deleted any patients in your practice management system, then you can also remove them from SubmitKit by clicking Remove Deleted Patients

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