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Set up your Practitioners Details
Set up your Practitioners Details
Written by Richard Clarke
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Head to Settings, and then Practitioners

All practitioners will be imported from your practice management system but only practitioners that you include in SubmitKit will count towards the your subscription plan in SubmitKit. Note you can not include more practitioners than your plan allows; to change your plan see 'Account settings'. There is also a limit on the amount of times you can exclude and then re-include practitioners over a period of time.

  1. First import your practitioners from your practice management system, using the Import practitioners button

  2. To include and edit the practitioners' details click on 'edit' button. A dialog box will appear

  3. Tick the Include check box. Only the admin user can include and exclude practitioners

  4. Choose a colour that will be used to display this practitioner on the calendar

  5. Enter the ACC provider ID given by ACC, eg XXX999

  6. Choose how this practitioner will bill ACC, either hourly or per-treatment

  7. Select which vendor this practitioner belongs to. If you only have one vendor at your clinic, there will only be one option

  8. If you work with ACC under a specific contract and get 50 treatments per claim, rather than under the general regulations with 16 treatments per claims, click 'under contract'. Generally contracts only apply to a limited number of practitioners. Even if you provide some contract services, eg Orthotic codes, unless you get 50 treatments per claim leave this unticked

  9. Address is the work place of the practitioner. ACC need practitioners' clinic addresses, so include an address. Start typing the practitioner's address in the first address box to auto-populate the address fields. Note: line 1, city and post code are required fields

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