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Completing New ACC Forms
Completing New ACC Forms
Written by Richard Clarke
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Depending on how your want to operate, SubmitKit supports a number of options for creating new claims. Claims can be added on the go, or retrospectively at the end of a time period eg. weekly.


  • Using a custom paper ACC form. Create an ACC form or use our form templates:

    The form will need to contain the relevant fields needed for ACC, which the patient must complete and sign. Then when it is time to lodge your claims, generate a claim number, and enter the relevant patient and claim details, submit the claim to ACC through SubmitKit.

  • Use the standard ACC45 paper forms and use the claim number off the form. This requires manually entering claim numbers into SubmitKit and your patient needs to complete some fields twice eg. date of birth, address, if these are also on another form. You can either post these claim forms to ACC and when the claim has been processed you can import the claim. If still want to lodge the claim electronically you can use the claim number off the paper form and lodge the the claim through SubmitKit. There is also an ACC46 paper form which does not have a claim number and you can use SubmitKit to generate the claim number

As you go

  • Enter the claim details directly into SubmitKit. Have SubmitKit automatically record the consent in your treatment notes, set this up in Settings -> Practice Setting, check with ACC on the details of what to ask for obtaining verbal consent. Or if you are wanting to obtain a signature, then have the patient electronically sign the form, or print the form for the patient to sign.

  • Have the patient complete and sign the form on a device. Learn more about using electronic devices for forms

Patient completes an on-line ACC form prior their appointment

  • Include a link to an online ACC form in your appointment confirmations and/or reminders. Your patient completes the patient and claim details, signs the form and sends it back to SubmitKit. Further details here.

  • Send a link to an online ACC form to particular patients with upcoming appointments. Your patient completes the claim details, signs the form and sends it back to SubmitKit. Further details here.

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