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Completion of ACC Forms by Patients
Completion of ACC Forms by Patients
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

On login as device user you will shown a simple screen with the following button:


Once a claim is sent to a device it is ready for the patient to complete. If your device user is logged in prior to sending a claim to the device, a message for patient will appear, asking them to complete the form.

Clicking the Complete ACC form button will take the patient to the ACC form.


The ACC form has patient details, and claim details. Fields completed prior to sending to device will appear with the completed text.

Agreeing to terms

The patient will need to tick the authorisation check box before submitting the form.

If you have required the user to sign the form, an electronic signature box will pop up when clicking the Sign and submit button.


If Require ACC fields was ticked prior to sending the claim, the form will not be able to be sent until they have completed the required fields. If there are any missing fields, warnings will be shown next to fields needing attention.

If a patient can't find a match for their occupation in the occupations list provided by ACC, they can free type in their occupation. When the patient/claim form is opened in SubmitKit again after submission, occupations that were typed in not using the drop-down will appear below the occupation field, under the label Suggested Occupation. An appropriate occupation can then be selected from the drop-down by the practitioner/receptionist. Sometimes a best guess has to be made as to what is the closest occupation from the auto-complete. Or 'N/A' could also be entered if necessary.


Once submitted, the patient will be redirected back to the home screen and the form will no longer be available to the patient.

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