Submitting an ACC32 to ACC
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To create an ACC32 for a claim, head to the claim page for a claim. You get to the claim page for a claim by clicking on the claim number. Prior to creating the ACC32, make sure that you have added the relevant patient and claim details, for example the claim's date of injury is required.

In the ACC32 forms section, click on the Add New ACC32 button. This will take you to the ACC32 form.


Filling out an ACC32

First select the Practitioner and Provider type.

Then generate an new ACC32 number. If you have not already entered a ACC32 range, you will need to obtained an ACC32 range from ACC, and have added the range to the appropriate vendor.


Tick the circumstances that apply to your clinic; this will determine which fields need to be filled out. If you are wanting to fill out all the the fields, tick the Fill out all fields tick box.

If fields are visible, you will need to have entered some content within the field in order for the form to be submitted to ACC.


If you need to add an additional diagnosis, search for the diagnosis in the read code field, then add side. When the form is saved the additional diagnosis will show in the Added Diagnosis field on the right.


Remeber: Fill out all the required fields and save your work often.

Attaching files to your submission.

The ACC32 may require a submission of your treatment notes related to the claim. A treatment note report will be automatically generated and attached to your submission when the label Treatment Notes Included appears in the right side bar


If the right side shows Treatment Notes Excluded the notes will not be automatically included in the ACC32 submission to ACC.


You can toggle whether treatment notes will be included or not by clicking on the Treatment Notes .... label. If you have treatment notes related to the claim but the treatment notes were made prior to using SubmitKit, you may need to exclude the automatic generation of the treatment notes, and add your own copy of the treatment notes as an attachment as described below.

If you need to attach addition files, (only images and PDF files are accepted) you can use one of the following ways:

  1. You can Drag and Drop the files into the Attachments section.

  2. Use the Browse to find files, then click Upload file

  3. Or include files that are already attached to the patient in Cliniko.


Files that have been attached will automatically be added to the patient files in Cliniko.

Note: The form also has to be saved before you can start including attachments.

Viewing and Submitting your ACC32


Click the View/Print ACC32 button to generate a PDF view of the ACC32 and notes report (if included). Note, this view will not include any files that are an attachment to the ACC32. Use the Upload to Cliniko button and then view the file from Cliniko if you wish to see the full form along with any attachments.

The Upload to Cliniko button will copy the ACC32 with notes report (if included) and all attachments to the patient files in Cliniko.

Send to ACC will send a PDF to ACC that includes the ACC32, notes report (if included) and any attached files.

Adding ACC32 Approval

Once an ACC32 has been approved by ACC you can add the approved details into SubmitKit. This can be done from the ACC32 forms section of a claim's page, or from the ACC32 report, accessed through Reports.

To add an approval to the ACC32 click on the Add Approval button. This will bring up a form, where you can enter:

  1. When the treatments are valid from.

  2. When the treatments will be completed by, this will become new expiry date

  3. The number of treatments approved.

  4. The purchase order number.

You can click on the Use Requested buttons if the approved value is the same as what is in the requested column.

When the "valid from" approved date is reached, a claim will:

  1. become active, if it was inactive;

  2. have the purchase order number that was approved placed against it;

  3. have a new expiry date added;

  4. and treatment count will be extended by the amount approved.

If the valid from approved date is in the past, the above will happen immediately upon saving the approval.

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