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Send an ACC Form to your Device
Send an ACC Form to your Device
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

For a new claim

Head to Appointments, click Add Claim, or

Head to Patients, click Add Claim

For a previous saved claim

Head to Claims, click Edit Claim or

head to a claim's page, then click Submit/Edit

To send a claim to a device to be completed by a patient, you need to create the claim or use an existing claim. At the very least, a claim needs to have a claim number added and be saved before it can be sent to a device. You could also complete some or all of the fields for the patient to approve on the device.

Click the Send to Device button at the bottom of the claim form.


Another pop-up will appear, select the device and tick whether you want the patient signature or not. Also tick whether you want the patient to complete all fields.

When sending a patient-claim to a device you can choose whether all required ACC fields need to be completed by the client before they send the form from the device. If we tick Require ACC Fields when sending a patient-claim to a device, the client won't be able submit the form until they have completed all required fields. If this is left un-ticked, the client only has to check the agreement and can leave fields uncompleted when sending the form back.

You can also set Require ACC Fields to default to checked or unchecked, by going to the Practice Settings page (Accessed from Settings -> Practice Settings). You can also do the same for Require Signature, from the Practice Settings page.


Click the red Send to device button in the new pop up.

If the device user is logged in they will receive a message indicating the form is ready to be completed.

One pending claim per device A device can only contain one pending claim at a time, but you can have any number of devices.

Remove a form from a device

Head to Device


Click the Remove button on the Pending on devices table to clear the claim off the device. This can only be done by the user who created the pending claim.

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