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Importing group appointments or classes from Cliniko

Written by Richard Clarke
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If you have group appointments that may include eligible ACC patients, you can bill ACC for a portion of that class, if ACC will cover that particular treatment.

To start importing group appointments, enable this feature under Settings -> Practice Settings.

You will also need to set the Appointment Type of group appointments to "ACC". Do this from Settings -> Appointment Types. Set the appointment type as "ACC" if it can include one or more eligible ACC patients. If the appointment type will never have any ACC patients, then do not set it as "ACC."

When syncing with your practice management system, you should start seeing the group appointments that can include ACC patients. Group appointments will all have the same time and will be enclosed in square brackets [ ] around the date/time.

The total duration in minutes will be divided equally among the number of patients. You can adjust the total duration as needed.

To exclude non-ACC patients, click the green plus button to the left of the appointment, then click the Non-ACC button:

You can undo this exclusion from the Dashboard -> Go to Ignored Appointments.

When ready, you can invoice ACC for these appointments like any other appointment.

Note: Ensure that you have set the correct total duration of minutes before billing ACC

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