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Submitting ACC18 Medical Certificates
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

To lodge an ACC18 medical certificate, go to the claim page and locate the ACC18 section. Click the "Add New .. " button to add forms. By clicking on a claim number, you will be directed to the claim page.

First, select the Practitioner and Provider type if they differ from the current selection.

Diagnosis Changes:

Make any necessary diagnosis changes. To modify the side, comment, set the primary diagnosis, or delete a diagnosis, make the changes in the diagnosis line and then click "Add Line". The changes will be displayed in the lower table and will be ready to be submitted. For example, to set a diagnosis as the primary one, tick the primary checkbox and then click "Add Line".


To add a new read code, click the "Create New Read Code" button, select a read code and side, and tick "Primary" if necessary. Finally, click "Add Line".


Fitness for work:

The medical certificate allows for up to three periods of time off work or on restricted work. All periods are optional, assuming that if no period is specified, the patient is fit to resume normal work the next day. You may have 0 or 1 fully unfit for work period and 0-2 fit for selected work periods. For each period, provide a "From Date" and "To Date". Ensure that the dates do not overlap or have gaps. Additionally, include any additional comments and restrictions. Physical restrictions can be selected from the list by clicking on the appropriate term.

Help and Contact:

Compulsory fields will have a green asterisk next to them, such as "Is return to work assistance required?" and ACC to contact me?"

Verbal Consent:

To submit the form, the verbal consent checkbox must be ticked.

Saving and Submitting:

You can only submit the form to ACC after saving it. The save button is located on the right sidebar. Once the form has been submitted, the "Send to ACC" button will not be available.

If you make any changes to the form you will need to save it again, prior to submitting.

If you need to resubmit the form for some reason, there is an "Allow Re-submission" button near the ACC ID.

Viewing, Emailing, and Storing the Form:

Once saved, you can access the form at any stage. There are two versions that can be viewed: a Patient Copy and an Employer Copy. You can also view the PDF of the form by using the View buttons. Additionally, you can email either version or both of the forms to the patient using the email button. The form will also be uploaded to the patient's files.

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