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Creating/Lodging New Claims
Creating/Lodging New Claims
Written by Richard Clarke
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Head to Appointments click 'Add Claim' or

Head to Patients find patient, then click 'Add Claim'

Or from a patient's page, click 'Add Claim'.

SubmitKit Claim form

Claim form top section


Claim form bottom section


Creating new claims


Generate a claim number by clicking the 'New' button as shown above.

New claims need to have all the required patient and claim detail fields entered before submitting them to ACC. Required fields have a green border on the left of the text box, or have a * next the field label. On the patient form, email address is optional. Employment details (employment type and intensity) are required for patients in paid employment, but employer details are only required for work related accidents. On the claim form, all fields are required, from the claim number to the diagnoses. Gradual process, Admitted to hospital, Medical treatment injury, and Acc to contact provider are required but are pre-populated to 'No'.

Once all patient and claim forms are completed click the Submit to ACC button. If any required fields are missing you will receive an alert. Once the form is submitted to ACC, the claim and patient will be automatically saved. If there are any errors you will receive an alert showing what the error is. Correct the error, then re-send.

Note: Employer's name and address are only required for work related accident claims. SubmitKit can search for NZ businesses and addresses, if a business not found or if the address is in the wrong format, just enter the employer details manually.

Address requirements Line 1, city and post code are required for addresses. These can be easily populated using the address auto-completion built into SubmitKit. If an address has missing information like a post code but you have the street address in address line 1, you can click into the line 1 of the address and hit back space - this will bring up the address to be selected. Selecting the address will then auto-populate the required fields. If the address you have doesn't have the street address in line 1, then enter it in line one.

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