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Momence importing patient's custom fields
Momence importing patient's custom fields
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Date of birth, gender, and occupation are required when lodging claims with ACC.

These fields can be added as Custom Fields in Momence.

To set up custom fields in Momence, refer to:

Consider using a drop-down for gender, using ACC's gender list.

To match fields back to SubmitKit, navigate to Settings -> Momence Customer Fields.

In Momence, open a customer that you have added the custom fields for (Date of Birth, Gender, and Occupation). Then, copy the URL of the patient from the address bar of your browser.

Paste that URL into SubmitKit, and click the "Show Custom Fields from Momence" button.

You will then be able to select using the drop-down to match up the fields, then click the "Add" button.

When you next import a patient, the date of birth, gender, and occupation will be included in SubmitKit if those fields have been completed in Momence.

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