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Go Paperless Without a Separate Device
Go Paperless Without a Separate Device
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

You can have patients complete and accept an ACC form with just one computer, but in order to record signatures it would need have a touch screen unless you want patients to try and sign using a mouse.

The claim pop-window has the following buttons at the bottom


This will take you to a patient view of the claim form which could be completed or authorised and signed. If you want a signature, tick Client signature before opening the client view.


On completion a pop-up window will be shown notifying that the form is completed. Closing this pop-up window will return the user to the previous page.

The snapshot of this completed form can be viewed by going to the Claim Form Actions dialog box. Clicking the Claim Form Actions button on the claim page or claim form will open this dialog box. From the dialog box the Client's Edit can be viewed as a PDF, uploaded to Cliniko, or emailed to the patient.

Forms completed without a separate device won't appear in the device completed table on the device page.

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