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Forms Completed on Devices
Forms Completed on Devices
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

When a patient completes a form, three things happen:

  1. The patient and claim details are updated, so they will now contain any changes made by the patient.

  2. The completed claim will be copied to the Completed on device table

  3. A snapshot of the patient form is created. This snapshot can be viewed but not edited

View/Edit/Submit form data

Head to Device


This table shows:

  • Device which the form was completed on

  • Patient

  • Completed - the date and time the form was completed

  • Accident date

  • Claim number

  • Edit - will bring up the claim form, for editing, submitting and printing the claim

  • Remove - will hide the completed details from this table. This won't delete any claim data

Clear all will remove all the completed details from this table. This won't delete any claim data


Snapshots are a representation of what the patient has entered on the form and will not contain anything added to the claim or patient after the snapshot is taken.

Viewing snapshots of completed forms

If a claim has a snapshot of a form, this can be viewed by going to the Claim Form Actions dialog box. Clicking the Claim Form Actions button on the claim page or claim form will open this dialog box. From the dialog box the Client's Edit can be viewed as a PDF, uploaded to Cliniko, or emailed to the patient.

If a claim is sent back to the device for editing then the previous snapshot will be replaced by the latest snapshot. The snapshot will contain a signature if the form was signed.

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