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Upload Digital Certificate
Upload Digital Certificate
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago
  1. Head to Settings -> Vendor

  2. Click the Add Certificate button

  3. Insert your HealthLink digital certificate into your CD drive. If you have the certificate on a USB stick use that instead.

  4. Click the browse button and locate your digital certificate on your CD drive, USB stick, or on your computer if you have copied it there. Double click on the file with .pfx as the extension, or select the file and then click open. The file is usually named with the practitioner's name followed by a series of numbers. If the file is not showing, make sure that your file browser is showing all file types.

  5. Enter your HealthLink password for your digital certificate, then click 'Upload certificate'

Sharing a certificate among vendors

Additional vendors can share the same certificate

  1. First, you need to have added a certificate to one of the vendors, as outlined above

  2. Click the Add Certificate button on the vendor without the certificate

  3. Select the vendor that has the certificate from the Use this vendors certificate drop-down

  4. Click the Use Selected button

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