Adding a Vendor
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Note: Even if you don't have a separate vendor ID and vendor details, you still need to add a vendor. If you don't have a separate vendor, use your provider ID as the vendor ID

  1. Click the Add Vendor button

  2. Enter your vendor name that you have registered with ACC

  3. Enter your ACC vendor identifier

  4. Tick 'GST included' if GST registered, and enter your GST number as digits only, without any dashes

  5. If you will have more than one vendor, you can set a vendor as being the default vendor. The default vendor will be the vendor that will be selected first on the 'Dashboard' page and the 'ACC' pages.


If your practice has more than one vendor click Add Additional Vendor to add in another vendor. If your clinic is paid by ACC into a separate bank accounts, then your practice most likely has additional vendors. If ACC pays into one bank account, then most likely you just have one vendor, and will not need to add an additional vendor.

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