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What should I do with Pending claims?
What should I do with Pending claims?
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Updated pending claims

Pending is the status that SubmitKit uses when a claim is first added. Pending claims appear yellow when set to an appointment. Pending claims should be updated in one of the following ways:

New claims

Should be submitted to ACC from the claim form which can be accessed through the appointments page, claim list page, or a specific claim page. If you get an error that this claim number already exists, go to the claim page and update the status of the claim as shown below.


Previously registered claims

Should be imported from ACC using the Import buttons on the claim form, or claim edit page, or else by using the claims list page 'View Status' button.

  1. Head to Claims

  2. Select Pending from the drop-down

  3. Click Edit Claim

  4. The click Import, if the claim is found, save the claim. It is important to save the claim after an import.

  5. The status of the claim should now be Registered if the claim was found

Accredited employer claims

should be marked as accredited from the claim form, or claim edit page.

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