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Resubmitting Invoices
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

To make changes to an invoiced appointment you will need to remove the invoice from the appointment. You can remove the invoice from individual appointments, or an invoice from all the appointments associated with the invoice.

Resubmit individual appointments

If you need to resubmit a particular appointment as an invoice, follow these instructions for each appointment you need to re-submit.

Head to Appointments Navigate to the appointment you need to resubmit, or head to the Claim page for a particular claim and use the Appointment List on the claim page

  1. Untick the tick box to the left of the invoice number and submission date

  2. Confirm that you wish to resubmit the appointment

  3. Make any changes that you need to, eg. change claim etc.

  4. The appointment can now be submitted in a new invoice

Un-tick invoice as submitted - list view


Un-tick invoice as submitted calendar view


Resubmit an entire invoice

If you need to resubmit all the appointments on an invoice again, you will need to remove the invoice from all the appointments.

  1. This can be done by finding the invoice number on the Invoices page, and clicking on the the invoice number. You can also click on the invoice number from one of the Reports in SubmitKit, eg ACC Appointments Not Paid report, or Appointments Paid report.

  2. The first step will take you to the Invoice page.

  3. From the Invoice page click the Remove the invoice from all appointments button

  4. Then confirm.

  5. The appointments can now be submitted in a new invoice

Note this action can not be undone

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