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Managing your Subscription
Managing your Subscription
Written by Richard Clarke
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Current plan

Plans are based on the number of practitioners you wish to include in SubmitKit. Practitioners that are imported but not included will not be counted towards your practitioner count.

Current plan is shown as the number of practitioners allowed. Eg. on the 3 to 5 practitioners, you can have up to 5 practitioners included.

Practitioners shows how many practitioners you have included and the limit allowed for your plan.


Changing plans

To change your plan, click the 'select' button under the 'Select plan' section.

Note: You can freely change plans during your trial period without it affecting your trial period.

New charges:

If you upgrade, you will be charged for the rest of the month at the upgraded plan level immediately. If you downgrade, we’ll proportionally credit the rest of your month for use on your next payment!


Note you can not down-grade your plan below the amount of practitioners you have included. You would need to exclude them first from the Settings -> Practitioners page.


Adding a credit card


To add or update a credit card, click 'Add Credit Card', enter your card number, expiration date, and CVC code:


You can also update your billing details, or your card's expiry date using the Update Billing Info/Expiry button.

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