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The ACC Accredited Employer Programme (AEP) allows large employers to take on the responsibility of managing ACC claims of their own employees following a work injury

Employers who participate in the Accredited Employer Programme may use a Third Party Administrator (TPA) eg WellNz or Gallagher Bassett. When we refer to accredited employers it will encompass both accredited employers and TPA

Adding an accredited employer

Accredited employer page

Head to Settings then Accredited Employers

Enter a name, email address and address. An email address is needed to in order to send the invoices. Address is used on the invoice so it is optional.


Add from claim form

Accredited employers can also be add from the claim form while creating a claim.


Editing/Removing an accredited employer

Head to Settings then Accredited Employers.


Click the 'Edit' button.

Name, email address and address can all be edited.


Click the 'Remove' button.

Clicking remove will delete the accredited employer. If the accredited employer has been used in any claims it will still remain for that claim, but will not be available for any future claims.

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