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Add Accredited Invoice Details
Add Accredited Invoice Details
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

This step is not necessary in order to work with ACC, but it is needed if you wish to invoice accredited providers directly. The vendor details entered here will also be used when creating a referral form

    1. Click on the Update accredited invoice details button, then add in the details (address, phone and website) you want to appear on the invoice and in the body of the email

    2. An email address is necessary in order to send and receive emails to and from accredited employers

    3. Also add in a subject line for the email to the accredited employer eg Invoice from Your Practice Name

    4. Your clinic details will auto-populate the body of the email sent to accredited providers. You may edit this if you wish. To use placeholder, eg. the patient's name, place the cursor in the text box where you want it to appear and click the Patient name button. The


      will be replaced by the patients name when the email is sent.

    5. The additional invoice note gets inserted into the invoice. This is a great place to put your account details so the accredited provider can pay you. Note, you may have to provide accredited employers with proof of your bank account first.

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