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Default Settings
Written by Richard Clarke
Updated over a week ago

Head to Settings, then to Practice Settings.


Setting the default settings for all online claim forms:

  • Require Signature - Emailed forms: tick this box if you want the patient to sign the form electronically prior to sending the form (recommended)

  • Require ACC fields - Emailed forms: tick this box if you want the patient to completed all the required ACC fields in order to send the form (recommended)

  • Get an email notification when a patient completes a claim form: if ticked, your clinic will receive an email when a patient completes a form online. This notification will be emailed to the clinic's email address, which is the address under 'Practice Email' on the settings page.

  • Link to ACC form to appear in Cliniko communications: You can copy and paste the text in this section into Cliniko's appointment confirmations or appointment reminders, so that a link to an ACC form will be sent via email or/and SMS text message from Cliniko

  • If you have a website and a privacy policy and you want to link it to the claim form, paste the full web address, including the http or https, in the Privacy Policy text box

Email and Practice Label Make sure you have added your clinic's email address and name on the Practice Settings page, as these will be used on both the form and as the reply to email address.

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