Copy Claims to Cliniko

Last updated: Aug 11th, 2019

Here we will explain how you can copy claim information back to Cliniko's treatment notes for your reference.

Claim details in treatment notes

Set up

Enabling copying to treatment notes

Head to Settings -> Practice Settings

A separate treatment note can be created in Cliniko that outlines the basic claim details for an apppointment. This is created when a claim is set in SubmitKit. To enable this feature, tick the 'Add treatment note outlining claim details to Cliniko for each ACC appointment' tick box. The treatment note will also tell you the number of treatments remaining and the ACC invoice number after the appointment has been invoiced.

To have condensed treatment notes in Cliniko, select 'Compact', or 'Title only'. Selecting 'Compact' will have read codes without the code description. 'Title only' will put the claim details (Claim number, Date of injury, Read codes, Treatments remaining) into the title of the treatment note, thus taking up minimal space in your treatment notes. See the How it works section for examples

If you wish to also add a claim's full details to your treatment notes when you lodge an ACC claim through SubmitKit, then tick the 'Add treatment note with the ACC45 claim details to Cliniko when lodging a claim' tick box.

See the How it works section below for examples of these features.

Your API key access role

Check that the API Key used to connect to Cliniko has the 'administrator' role. The text above the API key field should say something like: API Key added: 15-Apr-2019 || Role: administrator. If the 'Role' is not 'administrator', you will need to get the Cliniko account holder with administrator rights to generate a new API key in Cliniko that can then be entered into the API key field on the 'Practice Settings' page.

Setting Practitioner's API Key

One practitioner?

If you only have one practitioner who also has the 'administrator' role in Cliniko and that practitioner's account is showing above the API Key field on the 'Practice Settings' page, then you can skip this 'Setting Practitioner's API Key' step.

In order for the treatment note to have the correct practitioner in Cliniko, each practitioner will need to add their Cliniko API key, otherwise the treatment note's practitioner will be set to whoever owns the API key on the 'Practice Settings' page. If a non practitioner is showing on the 'Practice Settings' page, then treatment notes will not be able to be created.

Head to Settings -> Practitioners

  • In the API Key column click the button for the practitioner you are adding the API key to. If this column is not showing, complete the enabling steps above
  • Each practitioner will need to login to their Cliniko account and generate an API key
  • Paste the API Key copied from Cliniko into the API key field, and save
  • Each included practitioner will need to complete these steps

How it works

Claim details for appointment

When you set a claim in SubmitKit it will create a treatment note in Cliniko. The treatment note will be linked to an appointment and practitioner, and will show the claim number, date of injury and read codes. The treatment note will be created as a separate treatment note, rather than as an additional field to a treatment note that exists for the appointment. A separate note is used as if a treatment note is finalised nothing can be added to it.

If you unset the set the claim for that appointment in SubmitKit, the treatment note will be removed. If you change the set claim in SubmitKit, the treatment note will be updated.

When you invoice ACC for this appointment, the treatment note will be updated with the invoice date, invoice number and the number of treatments remaining.

Full size treatment note

Compact treatment note

Title only treatment note

ACC45 claim form details in notes

When you successfully lodge a new claim to ACC through SubmitKit, a final treatment note will be created for the patient. The treatment note will contain the full claim details.

Here we will explain how you can copy claim information back to Cliniko's appointment note for your reference.

Claim details in appointment note

Set up

Enabling copying to appointment note

Head to Settings -> Practice Settings

Tick 'Add claim details to Cliniko's appointment note, at the beginning of each day', then save changes. You don't need to add in practitioner's API keys as outlined above, for copying to the appointment note.

How it works

At the beginning of each day, your appointments that are ACC related will have all active claim details pushed to the appointment note in Cliniko. The appointment note can be viewed by clicking on an appointment in Cliniko. If there is more than one active claim there will be multiple claims. If today an appointment is added to Cliniko, when SubmitKit is resynced, if the patient has an active claim this will also be pushed to the appointment note.

The note will show: claim number, date of injury, the number of treatments remaining, total number of treatments allowed, expiry date of the claim, and read codes. The number of treatments remaining will be calculated on the number of treatments previously invoiced, so won't include appointments that have yet to be invoiced.