Last updated: July 18th, 2018

Managing Patients

Head to Patients.

Sync all patients

Best only when setting up

Syncing all patients may take a few minutes if you have a very large patient base.

When first setting up your practice with SubmitKit, importing appointments can run faster if you first sync your patients, particularly if you have a large patient base.

Syncing a patient

Individual patients can be easily synced from the claim pop-up window, or the edit patient page.

If a patient's details are different from that in the practice management system they will be marked in SubmitKit with

You can either push the changes to your practice management system, or refresh SubmitKit's patient data from your practice management system.

Claim pop-up window
Edit patient page

Deleting a patient

If you have deleted any patients in your practice management system, then you can also remove them from SubmitKit by clicking

Patient page

Clicking through to an individual patient can be done from any patient's name that is highlighted as a link.

Head to Patients and click on the patients full name.

Patient details

Patient details are displayed under the headings:

  • Contact details
  • General information
  • Employment

Patient's claims

All the patients claims - showing claim number, date of injury, whether the claim is active and its status. You can toggle between active and inactive by clicking in the 'Active' column.

Patient's appointments

All the patient's past appointments show appointment type and claim number where appropriate.

Edit patient page

From a patient's page click 'Edit'

Edit patient

Patient details can be edited from this page. Changes can also be pushed or pulled from your practice management system, as described above.

Merge a patient

First step

You can only merge a patient if you have merged the patient in your practice management system first.

If you have merged a patient in your practice management system, then you may also need to merge them in SubmitKit as well.

  • Click merge button
  • Find the patient you are merging with
  • Confirm the merge

The patient details that are kept are from the patient that remained when the two patients were merged on your practice management system.

All claims and appointments belonging to the patient that was removed will belong to the patient that remains after the merge.