Last updated: July 18th, 2018

Invoicing ACC

Submitting invoices

Invoicing ACC is done using the appointments page with the list view activated.

  1. Select the date range of appointments. More about navigating appointments
  2. Set a claim to every appointment you will be invoicing for, from the 'CLAIMS' column. You can easily see which appointments don't have claims yet by sorting by the 'SET CLAIM' column
  3. Select individual appointments by clicking the checkbox in the first column, or select all appointments with ACC claims by using the in the buttons above the appointments
  4. The total number of selected appointments will be shown at the bottom of the list view. This may be more than is visible on the screen if the number of appointments is greater than the shown entries, which is controlled by the 'show' drop-down
  5. Click the 'Submit Invoices to ACC' button as shown.
  6. Once submitted, the column will show a checked checkbox with the invoice submission date and the ACC invoice number beside it


If you have multiple vendors or multiple provider types within a vendor, the invoice will be split automatically into separate invoices for ACC to process

Submitting an invoice to ACC

Managing invoices

To search for, and view, submitted invoices head to Invoices. Learn more about viewing submitted invoices.

Re-Submitting invoices

If you need to resubmit a particular appointment as an invoice, follow these instructions for each appointment you need to re-submit.

Head to Appointments.

  1. Navigate to the appointment you need to resubmit
  2. Untick the tick box to the left of the invoice number and submission date
  3. Confirm that you wish to resubmit the appointment
  4. Make any changes that you need to, eg. change claim etc.
  5. The appointment can now be submitted in a new invoice

Invoicing Accredited Employers

Create Accredited Employers invoice

Head to Appointments or

Head to Claims and click a claim number.

To create a accredited invoice, a claim needs to be first ticked as accredited and an accredited employer selected.

Once a claim has been marked as accredited, then the appointment will have a button associated with the appointment under the invoice, column (list view and claim appointment list) or heading (calendar view).

From a claim's page, you can create an accredited invoice with multiple invoice lines. For further details about a claim's appointments.

Click the button. This will open up the accredited invoice dialog.

The invoice details are:

  • Appointment date - Auto-populated from appointment.
  • Work detail - Auto-populated with type of treatment for the practitioner. Work detail can be edited.
  • Amount ex GST - Represents the amount to invoice for, excluding GST. This amount is auto-populated with the same$ If the vendor is GST registered, the GST amount will be added to the invoice.
  • Custom amount - if you need to invoice for a custom amount, enter the amount in this column. An example of a custom amount could be if the accredited employer covers the full amount, including n surcharge. If the vendor is GST registered, you can enter the amount including GST and the non-GST portion will be calculated. If you wish to enter the amount excluding GST, after entering the amount, tick the 'Custom amount excludes GST' tick box.
  • Remove - If you have added a line in error, then tick the remove tick box

Email details and additional invoice details to accredited provider:


Accredited invoices are emailed from SubmitKit to the employer or third party provider that an employer uses. You need to ensure that you have an email address entered for a vendor. The email subject and body for the email are auto-populated from your vendor invoice details. Learn more about entering a vendor email and accredited invoice details.

Text within the <ins> </ins> tags will be replaced with the actual value when the email is sent. This place holder function is only supported in the email body, not the email subject. You can add to, or edit, the email body and/or subject for a custom message.

If you need to add a specific additional note to the invoice, this can also be added to the 'Invoice Additional Note' text box. This text box doesn't support place holders like those used for the email body.

View / Send Accredited Employers invoice

Save - Any changes need to be saved before exiting the invoice pop-up or viewing the invoice. The invoice will be saved when the 'Email' button is clicked.

Add Payment -Add the date the invoice was paid. If the invoice has only been partially paid, enter the amount that has been partially paid. If fully paid leave blank.

Set as Submitted - If you need to mark an invoice as being sent, click this button. This is not necessary if you email the invoice through SubmitKit, but may be necessary if you use another method to send the invoice.

View Invoice - Will generate a pdf view of the invoice for you to view. For any changes to be reflected in the invoice view, save the invoice first.

Email - Will send the invoice to the accredited employer (ensure that you have entered an email for the accredited employer) and the appointment will be marked as submitted.

Include claim details - If you wish to include additional claim details of accident description and diagnoses in your invoice, check this box. Claim number and date of accident are automatically included in the invoice.