Online ACC forms

Last updated: Dec 24th, 2019

You can have a patient fill out and sign an ACC form online prior to their appointment. The completed form will be sent to your clinic to check. Then you only need to generate the claim number, add the read codes, and submit the claim to ACC. The completed claim form will be stored with the signature (if you set signature as required) for future reference.

Default settings

Head to Settings, then to Practice Settings.

Setting the default settings for all online claim forms:

  • Require Signature - Emailed forms: tick this box if you want the patient to sign the form electronically prior to sending the form (recommended)
  • Require ACC fields - Emailed forms: tick this box if you want the patient to completed all the required ACC fields in order to send the form (recommended)
  • Get an email notification when a patient completes a claim form: if ticked, your clinic will receive an email when a patient completes a form online. This notification will be emailed to the clinic's email address, which is the address under 'Practice Email' on the settings page.
  • Link to ACC form to appear in Cliniko communications: You can copy and paste the text in this section into Cliniko's appointment confirmations or appointment reminders, so that a link to an ACC form will be sent via email or/and SMS text message from Cliniko
  • If you have a website and a privacy policy and you want to link it to the claim form, paste the full web address, including the http or https, in the 'Privacy Policy' text box
  • Make sure that the 'Practice Name' on this settings page above is set to the name of your clinic, as this label will be used on the online claim forms

Email and Practice Label

Make sure you have added your clinic's email address and name on the 'Practice Settings' page, as these will be used on both the form and the email.

Send an ACC form to patients with upcoming appointments

Head to Forms

This page shows patients with appointments within the selected date range. You can view appointments by day or by week, and use the calendar on the right to pick the date/s. The table shows how many active claims the patient has, and how many ACC appointments they have within SubmitKit. If you want to double check the total number of ACC appointments a patient has within Cliniko, click the 'Check Count' button. Using the 'Check Count' will also count appointments that exist in Cliniko prior to using SubmitKit.

Find patients that may need to fill out a new claim form

You can use the table header to sort by the column's contents. Clicking on the 'Claim Count' column will sort this column, so you can find patients that have no active claims at the top. Clicking on the 'Appointment Count' column will sort this column, and may show patients that only have one appointment at the top, which suggests they may need to fill out an ACC form.

If you have an appointment type like 'ACC First Consult', you can filter to only show patients with this appointment type. Use the 'Appointment Type' drop down on the right to filter to an appointment type. Clicking the button will give a breakdown of the appointment types that the patient has had.

You can find any patient to email a form to by clicking on 'Find Patient' in the right side bar.

Email form to patient

Click the 'Email ACC Form' button to send an email which contains a secure link to an ACC form. The patient details will be pre-populated when the form is opened from the patient details in SubmitKit. If a patient has been emailed a claim form, an symbol will show. If a patient has completed a form, an 'Import Claim' button will show. By clicking the 'Import Claim' button and then submitting the claim to ACC or saving the claim, the claim will be saved to SubmitKit, along with a copy of the form as the patient completed it. You can view the patient's edit of the form using the 'Client's Edit' button in the 'Claim Form Actions'. If you do not save the claim at this stage, the claim will remain ready to be imported. If you do not wish to import the claim and wish to delete the patient's claim form, click the red circle button , then confirm the delete. Deleting a patient's completion of the form cannot be undone.

When a claim form is emailed to a patient, they have 7 days to complete the form. After that time the form will expire, and the form can no longer be accessed by the patient.

To view all completed forms, click the 'All Completed' link in the header.

To view all emailed forms, click the 'All Emailed' link in the header.

Include a link to an ACC form in notifications from Cliniko

Copy the link and text, or just the link and use your own text, and paste into one or more of your appointment confirmations and/or one or more of one of your appointment reminders.

When a patient follows the link from the appointment confirmation/reminder, they will be taken to a blank form that they will have to fill in from scratch. If the patient can't be found when trying to submit the form, the form won't be able to be submitted. So the patient will need to make sure that first name, surname and date of birth match with what is in SubmitKit or Cliniko.

Patient completion of ACC forms

The ACC form has patient details, and claim details.

If the form was emailed from SubmitKit, the patient details will be completed, and the patient will also be able to save the progress of completing the claim. The saved claim can be accessed through the same link in the email. The claim will still need to be submitted in order for the claim to be imported.

If you have required the user to sign the form, an electronic signature box will pop up when clicking the 'Sign and submit' button.

If a patient ticks 'I have an existing ACC claim, and don't need to create a new claim', they can enter the claim number and submit the form, without having to complete the other fields or sign the form.

If 'Require ACC fields - Emailed' is set in your 'Practice Setting', the form will not be able to be sent until they have completed the required fields. If there are any missing fields, warnings will be shown next to fields needing attention.

If a patient can't find a match for their occupation in the occupations list provided by ACC, they can free type in their occupation. When the patient/claim form is opened in SubmitKit after submission, occupations that were typed in without using the drop-down will appear below the occupation field, under the label 'Suggested Occupation'. An appropriate occupation can then be selected from the drop-down by the practitioner/receptionist. Or 'N/A' could also be entered if necessary.

Once submitted, the patient will be unable to submit another claim form, until the claim has been import or deleted by your clinic.

Agreeing to terms

The patient will need to tick the authorisation check box before submitting the form.

Viewing patient's completed form

When a patient's form is imported and saved, two things happen:

  1. The patient and claim details are updated, so they will now contain any changes made by the patient
  2. A snapshot of the patient form is created. This snapshot can be viewed but not edited


Snapshots are a representation of what the patient has entered on the form and will not contain anything added to the claim or patient after the snapshot is taken.

Viewing snapshots of completed forms

If a claim has a snapshot of a form, this can be viewed from the 'Claim Form Actions, and clicking on 'Client's Edit'. This will open up a pdf file of the patient's completed form.

If the patient has made a mistake in filling out the form, the error can be corrected when the patient comes in to the clinic, and the patient can sign the form again, by sending the claim to a device for editing and resigning. You could also use the 'Client View' to get the patient to sign the form again. If a form is resigned, the previous snapshot will be replaced by the latest snapshot. The snapshot will contain a signature if the form was signed.