ACC7428 application for approval of orthoses

Last updated: Jan 9th, 2020

Setting up

To enable this feature head to to Settings, then to Practice Settings. and tick the 'Create ACC7428 forms' tick box and save the changes.

Then head to Settings -> ACC7428 Settings and enter your Contract ID, email address, and choose whether you wish to use the practitioner's name, vendor's name or another custom name for the supplier's name. Save these settings.

If you want to have a digial signature on the forms, you can have each practitioner add a signature from the ACC7428 Settings page. In the 'Practitioners List' table click the 'Sign' button to add a signature to a practitioner. Obtaining the practitioner's signatures works best if you login from a tablet, phone (open the page in landscape), or another touch screen device.

Create form

Once set up, when you go to a claim in SubmitKit there will be an 'ACC7428' button. Clicking this button will create a draft of ACC7428 form, with client, claim and supplier details completed. Date of consultation will default to the declaration date of the claim, but can be edited.

If you need to change practitioners, you can select a different practitioner from the dropdown box. Once saved the supplier details will updated.

Enter your current diagnosis and customisation details. The claim's date of injury, accident description and read codes will be shown as a reference. Select service codes from the dropdown box, and enter description and cost, quantity will default to 1 if left blank. Add in any additional orthotic lines.

When the page is saved, the page will refresh and the total cost will be automatically calculated.

The practitioner's name will appear in the signature box. If the practitioner has entered a digital signature, a digital signature will appear on the PDF when it is created.

Once saved you can create a PDF of the form by clicking the 'Download' button, this may download the PDF form or open the PDF form in a new tab. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser and your PDF opens in a new tab, rather than clicking the chrome's download button, click chrome's print button and then select 'Save as PDF'.

You can also upload the form to your patient files section in Cliniko, by clicking the 'Upload to Cliniko' button.

You can view a list of the ACC7428 forms created, by going to the 'Claim's sent' menu item and clicking 'ACC7428' in the right side bar.